Invitation to have events/activities endorsed by the IYBSSD

The DSI, ASSAf, NRF and its participants would like to invite all entities from the southern Africa region interested in hosting events/activities aligned with the theme for IYBSSD 2022, to submit proposals for IYBSSD 2022 endorsement. These events/activities should be aligned with the IYBSSD main themes, main topics and some general requirements, listed below.

Main topics

The event/activity should:

  • Enhance inclusive participation in science
  • Strengthen education and scientific training
  • Finance basic sciences
  • Generalise open science

Main themes

The event/activity should:

  • Strengthen the presence and the visibility of women
  • Position basic sciences as sources of international dialogue and peace
  • Create awareness of science as a global public good
  • Advance innovation and economic development
  • Advance education and human development
  • Help address meeting global challenges


The event/activity should:

  • Align with basic sciences & drive curiosity
  • Align with at least 2 SDGs
  • Demonstrate inclusivity
  • Be open access
  • Demonstrate interdisciplinarity (human & social sciences)
  • Stimulate debate (science communication)
  • Presented between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2023 to qualify for endorsement

Benefits of endorsement

Having an IYBSSD 2022 event/activity endorsed by the IYBSSD 2022 Secretariat offers the following benefits:

  • The activity/event will be marketed/promoted on national, regional (SADC), continental, and global levels.
  • The activity/event will be added to the global IYBSSD 2022 calendar once endorsed.
  • News articles following the event will be considered for publication in the ASSAf newsletter, the IYBSSD 2022 Southern Africa news blog, and the IYBSSD 2022 news blog.
  • The activity/event and outcomes achieved will be acknowledged as part of the report to the Department of Science and Innovation, as well as the global IYBSSD 2022 report.
  • Once endorsed, approved events can be branded with the IYBSSD 2022 logo.

Process for endorsement of event/activity

  1. Complete the online proposal form.
  2. Once received, the IYBSSD secretariat will forward the proposal to ASSAf.
  3. ASSAf will have the proposal reviewed for endorsement (according to the criteria mentioned above).
  4. Once approved, the activity/event will be added to the IYBSSD schedule/calendar and an email will go out to the submitter of the proposal.


When submitting the proposal, you are expected to agree to the following:

  • Use the IYBSSD2022 logo on all related communication material (e.g. email signatures, marketing material (webinars, videos, email invitations, social media and websites), presentation material (slides));
  • Make the event and its outcomes accessible to all, under an open license e.g. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 or less restrictive;
  • Submit a news article for publication in the IYBSSD 2022 news blog and/or ASSAf newsletter (incl. media, if available), for further awareness raising and publicity;
  • Submit a report on the event, through completing an online report template (to be provided), within one month of the event end date. This will form part of a collective SADC report to the DSI and IYBSSD Steering Committee, as well as a global IYBSSD 2022 report.
  • Not request for any money from ASSAf or the IYBSSD2022 Secretariat.