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In view of the IYBSSD 2022 and 100 years of Physics, the SAIP implemented a project on 100 years of Physics in Africa – ‘Past, Present and Future.’ There are many beautiful and inspiring stories on how physics is thriving, changing lives, bringing development and impacting different parts of Africa, even producing world-class research and physicists with bare minimum resources, but the World never gets to hear of these incredible success stories from Africa. There is an African proverb that says, “Unless the lion tells the story, Tales of the hunt will always favor the hunter.” This project aims to provide an opportunity to Africans to tell their physics stories and share with the world, more details are available here https://www.saip.org.za/100YearsOfPhysics/

The goals of this project are:

• To document, keep on record and publicize the growth and impact of physics on the African continent;
• To celebrate achievements and contributions to physics in Africa;
• To recognize and award those individuals and institutions that contributed to physics development in Africa;
• To understand Africa’s main challenges, aspirations and visions for physics;
• To collect stories of how physics has impacted socioeconomic development for South Africa in the last 100 years, how it’s having an effect in contemporary times and to project the future potential, and
• To expose the potential benefits derived from supporting physics education and research in the present and future.

This project will produce the following outputs:

• Awards for people who have contributed to Physics Development in Africa;
• A session on 100 years of Physics at South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) 2022;
• African Conference on Fundamental Physics (ACP) 2022;
• Series of publications in print and electronic media on physics in Africa;
• Webinar series on 100 Years of Physics in Africa, and a
• A repository on physics in Africa which can be combined to develop a book or documentary on “100 years of physics in Africa, the past present and future”.

South African Institute of Physics (SAIP)

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