15-08-2022 @ 08:00 15-06-2023 @ 17:00

Overall objective: Showcase the role of Agricultural National Assets as valuable basic building blocks of Agricultural Research and Development. The events will focus on three programs:
1. Breeding – outlining the breeding process to the development of a cultivar/ breed/ intellectual property, to commercialization process to ensure access as well what is such contribution to sustainability of food production and market influences.
2. Integrated Pest & Disease Management – riding the COVID-19 publicity wave, the focus will be on climate change effects on diseases incidents, particularly recent outbreaks of locusts and other diseases.
3. Natural Resources Management – Soil Health and Conservation Agriculture are key to sustainable food production and increasing of food production.

Basic sciences such as breeding and general strategies for natural resources management are key to food production and general care of the environment in order to sustain the growing population. The ARC program intend to demystify these research programs especially to schools and developing farmers so that information about new and improved methods of farming is disseminated and hopefully technologies are adopted. Information and technologies such as conservation agriculture or regenerative agriculture strategies; improved cultivars and the use of internet for farming and processing are key to increases food production; be able to deal with climate changes and ability to access markets.

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