07-06-2022 @ 08:00 17:00

We are paying homage to the basic sciences that led to the development of study fields that exist today and are helping us solve challenges in the world. These challenges are further engraved in the sustainable development goals set out by the UN. Food safety and security are some of those challenges. We cannot achieve food security without safe food. We also would not be able to address food safety and security challenges without using or applying basic sciences, hence their importance.

Our initiative involves hosting a session where diverse speakers give an account of their research in food security and food safety and also indicate how basic sciences are included or applied in their study. We also want the speakers to indicate how their research will make an impact on people’s lives and contribute to sustainable development. Thereafter, the postgraduate students will be given a task to transform the content of the talks into material that will be used to communicate this information to shcool-going learners. The students will then visit schools and present to learners. We also plan to do a radio and TV interview that will cater for the general public.

Achieving food security and food safety are important aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, these cannot be achieved without researchers applying basic sciences to their studies. Therefore, our initiative will highlight the importance of basic sciences in research but also build awareness on issues pertaining to food security and food safety. As the Centre of Excellence in Food Security in South Africa, we want to highlight these important issues and communicate them effectively to colleagues as well as the general public.

Contact: habang.msimango@tuks.co.za