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Physics in my Village is a competition for high school learners to identify how physics is applied in their communities.

Most people and school learners do not realize how physics discoveries help in and improve quality of life in their communities. Hence the concept “Physics in my village”. Note that the term “village” encompasses wherever you live, work, learn or study. It can be in a city, township, rural or farming community. We want to understand how physics is impacting your daily life. What has physics done for my village, for my township or community? For example
• Suppose there was no physics of electromagnetic waves; when an emergency comes, there will bed no cell phone to call an ambulance.
• Without optical physics, there will be no spectacles for granny at the village.
• Solar physics has enabled refrigeration of vaccines at rural clinics, etc.
Learners are encouraged to submit either a video clip or poster on how physics is impacting their community

Expected Outcomes:

• Learners are able to tell a story about physics around them and its impact in their community, through mini video clips and posters. View stories at https://www.saip.org.za/Physicsinmyvillage/index.php/our-stories/
• Learners are attracted to study physics and take careers in science

South African Institute of Physics (SAIP)

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