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Young Ambassadors for Chemistry (YAC) is a programme of the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry
Education (CCE) that trains teachers around the world to communicate the benefits of chemistry to
the general public with the help of their students as young ambassadors. From 2004 to 2016, CCE
organized 41 events, both small and large, in 29 different countries (e.g. Cambodia, Cyprus, Malaysia,
Mauritius, Russia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, etc). The 42nd event was held in Mongolia in 2019. The
YAC event at the Cape Town Science Centre on 23 July 2022 will introduce the IYBSSD at the Centre.
The CCE representatives have carefully crafted a set of demonstrations which will not only highlight
the importance of doing experiments to learn chemistry principles, but will also underscore the role
Chemistry will play in following a sustainable development path for the future. Between 400 and 600
members of the general public are expected to visit the CTSC during the event, which will spread the
message of Chemistry for Sustainability.

Chemistry knowledge is essential to address the big challenges the planet is facing:
The global society faces many challenges that threaten our safe and peaceful existence.
Most of these challenges can be tackled with a better understanding of the chemistry
involved, because chemistry provides the molecular basis for sustainability. The Stockholm
Resilience Institute identified nine planetary boundaries which humanity must respect to
keep the planet a safe place to live on, but many of them are under pressure. Chemistry
knowledge is essential to understand and address challenges, such as climate change, ocean
acidification, ozone depletion and problems associated with biogeochemical flows and
freshwater use.

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